The MUSIC FOR SPORT TEAM is a group of leading media composers, producers, musicians, and sound engineers.


You may link to the biographies of the team and listen to their music by clicking on a name below:

Keith AireyA.RobPhil BartonRoger Beaujolais – Tom BladesMatt Bosworth Tony Britten – Jeff Broadbent – Hugh Burns – Damon Butcher – Annie Cash – Simon Clarke –  Johnny CoplandTim DidgiunaitisRich Douglas –  Rick Driscoll – Simon Edwards – Dave ElliottPaul ElliottStuart ElliottJeff Ellis – Los Fantasticos – Adam Fawcett – Andy Findon –  David Flavin – Craig Gannon Stephen Gilchrist –  Tim GillettAdam GlasserMartin Haene – Chris Haigh –  George HinchliffeAndrew Holdsworth – Mick Jackson –  Peter Jagger – Mathew Jones – Roy Kendle – Michael Koch – Peter Larsen – Geoff Lawson – Dave Liddell –  David Lightfoot Alan LoPrestiBob Loveday – Lee LulandMike Marino –  Bernie Marsden – Richard Marcangelo – Nao Masuda – Callum & Luke Melville – Steve Murrell –  Neil MyersRichard Nash – Yu Namikoshi – Randy Neely – Oliver Nezhati – Alex Ngo – Andy PalmerDave Pattman – Alex Pine – David ‘Deptford’ Pine – Alessandro Ponti – Andrew Potterton –  Liam Quinn – Milton Reame-James Joachin Romas – Matt Rouse –  Rolly Rudzitis – Mark Russell –  Martin Russell – Chuck Sabo –  Bill Shanley – Steve Shone – Galen Stapley – Jay Stapley – Steve Stapley – Tim Stone – Alan Stewart – Neil Taylor – Paul Taylor – Andrew ThomsonSam ThreadgoldJerome Van Den BergheDai WattsSimon WebbAnthony Woolcock

Music for Sport’s wide-ranging library of modern contemporary instrumental music is crafted by this dynamic and highly experienced team of composers, producers, engineers and musicians. It is precision-made for today’s media requirements. Whether you’re looking for cricket music, or football music, or running music, or workout music, you’ll definitely find it here.

A great deal of attention is given to creating music tracks and versions that make the audio editor’s job considerably more straightforward. All Music For Sport tracks are professionally mastered.

Music For Sport’s recent credits include BBC Sport, ITV, Sky Sports, Netflix, Channel 4, Channel 5, ESPN,  Eurosport, ABC,  NBC, CNN, Capital Radio, The Discovery Channel, The Outdoor Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, and The National Geographic Channel.

Successful shows that use MUSIC FOR SPORT include Question Of Sport, Match Of The Day,  2022 Football World Cup, Olympics, Winter Olympics,  Newsnight, Drive To Survive, CSI, NCIS, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, American Restoration, Inside Racing, Parking Wars, Pawn Stars, Swampd!Overhaulin’, Insane Coaster Wars, The Voice, Come Dine With Me, Hell On Hooves, Mega Factories, Bid And Destroy, Celebrity Home Raiders, Jumelles, Carfellas, ITV Horse Racing, The One Show, Caught On Dashcam, Homes Under The Hammer, Squad Goals, Newsround, Don’t Tell The Bride, Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby, The Mummy Diaries, Some Assembly Required, Home Chef To Pro Chef, Dallas Car Sharks, Commonwealth Games, Log Cabin Fever, Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes, American Hero, Suds And DudsSurfing The Strip, The Big Bang, Wild Thing, Pirates Booty, Smoking Hot, Steel Buddies, Double Trouble, Out Of Gas, Bid And Destroy, Apocalypse Wow, Take The Money And Run, Mile High ClubWierd Science, Loony Dunes, Poker Night, The Travelling Auctioneers, Crosby Stills And Cash, Olivia Meets Her Match, Classic Coronation Street, The O.C., ITV Football, Ninja Warriors UK, Saturday Match Up, Hawaii Life, BBC Morning Live, and Counting Cars.

Music For Sport regularly produces albums for different sports and sporting occasions. We also write bespoke music, so please get in touch for this service.