Chuck Sabo - Music For Sport

When Chuck Sabo was just five years old, the desire to become a successful drummer hit him with an uncontrollable drive. His Mother nurtured this dream with stringent, but reachable goals. Testing him first with a little toy drum set which he played so often, it ended up looking like little drums rolled in several layers of tape. He then graduated to a pad, a better pair of sticks, and private drum lessons. This propelled him into his future of becoming a professional drummer  and percussionist.

His journey started in Allentown, Pensylvania in the USA. After graduation he moved to New York City. It was a great time for music in the East Village, 2nd street between Ave A & B. He built up my reputation as the goto session drummer, and recorded several albums there. A tour brought him over to London and Europe. He fell in love with the look, feel, and age of this area. The fact that half the bands in the US charts at that time were British sealed the deal. After the tour ended, he decided to move to London. After A LOT of hard work and grafting, the names of his employers grew in stature: Elton John, Brian Eno, Brian Adams, Dave Stewart, Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, XTC, OMD, Take That, Gary Barlow, Natalie Imbruglia, Cher, Tom Jones, Pulp, Suggs, Right Said Fred, Etienne Daho, Shakespeare’s Sister, Michele Polnereff,  Billy Preston, Roy Orbison, Terence Trent D’Arby, and the list continues to grow.

As well as his drumming sessions, Chuck Sabo wrote, mixed, produced, and released a solo album ‘Running The Human Race’. He also spent 10 years teaching on the Bachelors of Music Degree course at The Institute in London. Chuck Sabo and Simon Webb met on the SoundBetter website, and decided to create drum tracks that work as dramatic cues in their own right. DRUMATIX is the first of these.

You can ink to Chuck Sabo’s website here: