Alan LoPresti

Alan LoPresti is a pioneering sound designer, recording mix and mastering engineer. He has worked as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and arranger in many genres, but excels in Rock, Rock Prog, Prog, Pop, and Pop Rock. 

After years of stage and studio performance as an artist and session player, he has turned decades of valuable writing, recording, arranging and engineering experiences into audio and video production for artists, TV, Film and advertising campaigns.  

Alan LoPresti has produced and co-written for local artists in the Central NY area for over 20 years. Since 2017, he has focused on composing music for advertising, television, and film, and has successfully written and pitched songs for numerous record labels, publishing companies and music libraries. 

His process is a hybrid approach combining analog hardware and digital processing for mixing and mastering audio.  This “best of both worlds” approach yields high definition audio with the clarity of digital, but the warmth and punch of analog.   “Delivering high quality audio is the primary target, but delivering a signature sound is imperative for my business model today…”  

Alan can be found each day working from his studio writing, producing, session playing, mix and mastering for projects in the US and abroad.