Rich Douglas

Rich Douglas is an accomplished and innovative British composer, recognised for his exceptional contributions to the world of contemporary music. Rich has a profound passion for drama and storytelling, and he skillfully blends various different musical genres in order to craft captivating and emotionally charged soundscapes.

Rich Douglas has composed for various media, including notable game scores including “Shadowgate VR,” “Insurgency,” “Stranger Things: The Game,” and “Lifeless Moon.” His music elevates narratives, encapsulating the essence of each project, and leaving an indelible sonic mark on listeners. Rich was previously the audio director for Paradigm Entertainment, a THQ company, and has collaborated with eminent filmmakers, game developers, and TV directors and producers. His professionalism, unwavering dedication, and exceptional musical skill have garnered widespread industry acclaim.

A graduate of the Guildhall at SMU in Cohort 2, focusing on game design, he adopts a versatile methodology, masterfully melding orchestral arrangements with electronic nuances and ethnic elements, resulting in a unique and enveloping sonic journey.

Driven by boundless creativity and steadfast commitment to his craft, Rich Douglas consistently enthrals audiences with his poignant compositions. His prowess in interweaving diverse musical styles, combined with his narrative expertise, solidifies his standing as a distinguished composer in the music industry.

Rich is extremely proud to work with Music For Sport, and has five tracks on the album EPIC SPORTS 3, an album of powerful promo, trailer, sports action, and high adventure orchestral themes, using both Modern Hybrid, and Live Studio Orchestras.

All The Cards : Dark fusion of orchestra and hip hop beats.

Pinnacle Pursuit – Tense and brooding hybrid orchestral Rock track.

Chronicle Of Champions – Driving action and power with full orchestra and heavy percussion.

Dream Big – Powerful and atmospheric hybrid orchestral track building tension and excitement.

Vanguard Of Victory – Danger lies ahead! The power and the glory.