Alex Pine

Alexander Pine is a self-taught saxophonist, and the founder of Gora Beats, a mastering, mixing and producing service. Alexander is passionate about musical programming and mixing, and he enjoys giving his creations and collaborations a fluid spicy foreign feeling. His love for eastern music was uncovered during his adventures to India and the Middle East, and he is captivated by the instruments and music from an array of different cultures.

Growing up in a household with a father who is a professional sound engineer and music producer, gave him a creatively open mindset, and a great insight into modern sound software and technologies. He enjoys working together with his father, and they both have worked on multiple projects for Gora beats and Music For Sport so far producing Salsa Trap and Team Cossack. His father is a true inspiration to him, and has helped him find the crossover between fun and professionalism in his music.

Alexander is inspired by Scott Storch, a music producer who uses eastern melodies and scales to add diversity and colour to his music. He is involved in music technology and audio production at the University of Kent, giving support and guidance to his musical friends and colleagues. He is also a musical advisor for Koastal Records and musical programmer for NathanXSavage.  

His over-arching ambition is to broaden the cultural and sonic range in modern music.