Tim Stone MFS

Tim Stone has been playing for more than 40 years in many different musical situations, starting out as an acoustic guitarist doing solo gigs, and, after much traveling, including studying sitar in India and a stint in the USA fronting an electric band, as well as solo work, he moved into the session world.

Tim took up the guitar seriously in the original Summer of Love and has played all kinds of music, from bordello to stadium, with a host of artists. He has done numerous studio sessions in several continents and as a professional composer spent a decade or so writing and producing music mainly for TV in a wide range of genres. All the time in the background he was developing his own style of guitar playing which is showcased on 3 CD’s.

As a freelance music writer for TV and radio Tim Stone has written and produced numerous commercials for clients including Cadbury, Green Giant, Kellogs, and Marks and Spencer. He wrote a tune for the US hit TV show Friends. He has also supplied music for documentary series on Channels 4 and 5 and the BBC TV.

Tim Stone’s live and recording credits include work with Eddie Reader, Rick Wakeman, Chaka Khan, Boyzone, Lulu, Phil Collins,  John Martyn, Jigsaw and Marius Westernhagen.