Tim Didgiunaitis mfsTim Didgiunaitis is a production music writer and media composer from Yorkshire in the UK.  Having found his calling a little later in life, he has embraced the multi faceted world of media composition and thrown himself head long into a journey of discovery and education to find out everything he can about the passion that keeps him awake at night and quite sleepy during the day. He first picked up a guitar at seven years old and after painful fingers for a while, he discovered that this was his thing. He later went on to play drums and piano and anything else that you can make a sound with.

Lately he can be found sampling all sorts of noises, from a Scottish beach to a tumble drier and then turning them into virtual instruments, with varying levels of success.  Tim loves to write in many different styles and welcomes the challenge of writing to briefs and to tight deadlines. He has written pieces for advert spots, short films, corporate videos etc and his music has been licensed numerous times and can be streamed on all popular streaming services.

He continues to write everyday to hone his craft and deliver great sounding music on time and on budget. He has finally found the thing that he loves to do and, as it turns out, other people quite like as well.