Steve Stapley MFS

Steve Stapley is an accomplished recording artist and songwriter, at the top of his game, who specializes in his own unique brand of acoustic music.

Early on in his career, Steve was a recording artist and writer at Dick James Music in London, and a house writer for LEM America in Los Angeles, composing songs and film music.

Steve wrote the lyrics for Johnny Hallyday’s French number one single Casualty of Love, together with five lyric adaptations on Johnny’s platinum album, En V.Q.
He regularly writes music for TV and Radio, and has sung on many TV ads and movies, and film scores. He also sung on the Evita movie soundtrack.
Steve composed and co-produced the award winning lullaby CDs Sleepy Old Town and Slowtime Lullabies.

Steve has co-written with writers, artists and producers from around the world.  He is one the judges for the international UK Songwriting Contest.
He lives in England with his wife, singer Lynda Hayes, and has two talented musician sons, drummer Adam Hayes, and guitarist Galen Stapley.