After finishing Art College in Norfolk, Roy Kendle moved to London and successfully worked as a professional Art Director in advertising for many years.
He has always been involved in music and played purely for the love and passion. His move to London gave him the opportunity to play with a number of live Blues & Rock bands, in and around West London, primarily playing as lead guitarist.  Roy is also is a keen finger picking acoustic and slide guitarist.

He recently sold up in London, and built a recording studio in Corfu. This was prompted by the musical director of Sky TV who heard him playing and asked if he would write some blues instrumentals. He did so and didn’t look back.

Roy regularly writes and records for MUSIC FOR SPORT with Rick Driscoll, and together they produce everything from driving uptempo dirt-derby rock to deep-south slide guitar and piano blues; from intense nu-rock to Old School Rhythm and Blues. Their tunes are regularly used on American TV shows including American Restoration, Parking Wars, and Pawn Stars.