Rick Driscoll MFSAce rock guitarist, music writer and legendary tight trouser wearer Rick Driscoll began his career as the lead singer with seventies’s glam rockers and teen idols KENNY.

Best remembered for such classic hits as The Bump, Fancy Pants and Julie-Ann, Kenny were one of the UK and Europe’s top selling glam-rock bands of the 1970’s, and along with the hits they also managed to find fame when they battled cereal giants Kellogg’s who had objected to the bands “K” logo. The Bump continues to be played at weddings, birthdays and parties everywhere, and is always guaranteed to be found on numerous seventies compilation albums.

After leaving Kenny, Rick Driscoll joined the iconic band Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel, this time as lead guitarist, and he toured extensively with them. All through this period Rick was active as a composer writing music for many TV and radio commercials including Coca Cola, Johnson’s, and Mitsubishi Cars.

He sang on many UK TV ads in the 80’s, and he regularly featured on the legendary Spitting Image, and most recently on Harry Hill’s TV Burp.
He also wrote the song Mr. Time for the legendary Alan Parsons Project.
Through his live work Rick met up with Alison Moyet, with whom he struck up a strong working relationship, and he became her Musical Director for the ALF tour.

Rick Driscoll is also known for his work on the films Bear Behaving Badly (2007), and The Wind in the Willows (1996) .

Rick is a senior-pro at Music For Sport. He has written, performed,  and produced many tracks solo, and also enjoyed considerable success working with fellow Music For Sport composers Roy Kendle and Stuart Elliott. Rick is a dedicated sailor. In the winter he writes and records music, In the summer he sails the seven seas., usually somewhere tropical, enjoying the sun. Rick has definitely got his priorities right!