Peter Jagger MFSPeter Jagger is the Music for Sport acoustic guitar specialist. Much influenced by the contrasting styles of traditional British folk music, ragtime and blues, and the influence of the music of the French chanteurs, his composition and guitar playing is highly eclectic.

One-time resident of France, Peter Jagger is now based in Wales. He tours around the UK and Europe, spreading his blend of acoustic music as widely as possible. Here’s how his publicity material describes his show:

Singer, songwriter, guitarist playing original songs, guitar instrumentals and classic ‘folk’ covers. There is a bit of politics in the originals, a lot of Stefan Grossman, Ralph McTell and Blind Blake influence in the instrumentals and covers from the likes of Bob Dylan, John Martyn, Ralph McTell, James Taylor, John Denver, Paul Simon et al.

Peter provides acoustic sports music for Music For Sport: Typically music for sailing, fishing, and lifestyle programming. His music is used worldwide on television and radio.