Martin Russell

Martin Russell is a recording engineer, producer, composer, and musician. His first band in 1979 was The Enid, a group that toured extensively in the United Kingdom, and released numerous albums on a variety of labels.

Later, engineering at Utopia Studios, one of London’s premier studios, Martin found himself in the company of many recording ‘giants’.

In 1985 he was head-hunted by Swanyard studios and worked with a plethora of great artists from David Bowie to Robert Plant.

After setting up Sonic Innovation Studios, Martin became involved in many recording projects, including two albums for Real World (Maryam Mursal – The Journey and Waaberi), an album recorded on location in Madagascar for the group Tarika , album tracks for Alan Stivell and Carlos Nunez, and a steady stream of CD mastering including a great deal of CD mastering of the Music For Sport catalogue.

Martin was a core member of the music group Afro Celt Sound System and has twice been Grammy Award nominated. He has written film music for several feature films, including Hotel Rwanda and the Lebanese film Bosta.

As a studio wizard, producer and globe-trotting mixer/performer, Martin Russell brings a broad palette of skills to whatever he does. He flatly refuses to get either a life or a haircut.


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