Martin Haene

Swiss guitarist Martin Haene was born 1979, and is a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist musician. He composes high quality music for all branches of the broadcasting media including television, film, advertising, radio and production music. His recent works include music for Film & TV such as Melrose Place, Bring It On (Universal), various Lion’s Gate Films (Warrior, Frankenhood), MTV USA’s  Pimp my Ride, Next, Parental Control, Denied, Yo Mama, and Rob and Big.


Martin haene has written one album for MUSIC FOR SPORT entitled WINNING WAYS. The album is fresh, modern and uplifting. It is music to accentuate the positive, to gladden the heart, to celebrate. Put it on and it makes you feel good within seconds. What’s the secret? Major chords, great playing, a very cool turn of phrase and a crystal sound, matched with a sure-footed writing technique, that results in an extended victory symphony that just begs to accompany your latest epic. The glory, the aspiration, the effort, the pain, the victory lap, the winner in all of us, this is the WINNING WAYS soundtrack.


Access Hollywood (TV Series) (performer / writer 2013)
Wild About Animals (TV Series documentary) (performer / writer 2013)
The Glades (TV Series) (performer / writer 2013)
Fringe (TV Series) (performer / writer 2013)
Explosiv – Das Magazin (TV Series documentary) (performer / writer 2012)
People Like Us (performer / (writer 2012)
Full Throttle Saloon (TV Series) (performer / writer 2011)
Warrior (writer 2011)
Chase (TV Series) (performer / writer 2011)
High Society (TV Series) (performer / writer  2010)
Greek (TV Series) (performer / writer 2010)
Make It or Break It (TV Series) (performer – 1 episode, 2010) (writer – 1 episode, 2010)
Melrose Place (TV Series) (performer / writer 2009)
Wedded to Perfection (TV Series) (performer / writer 2009)
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish (Video) (performer / writer 2009)
Frankenhood (Film) (performer / writer 2009)
Stylista (TV Series) (performer / writer 2008)
Shane Dawson TV (TV Series) (performer / writer 2008)
SF bi de Lüt – Landfrauenküche (TV Series documentary) (performer / writer 2008)
Lincoln Heights (TV Series) (performer / writer 2007)
Graduation (performer / writer 2007)

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