Dai Watts composerDai Watts is a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in North London, whose music has appeared on TV, film and advertising in the UK, Europe, the US, Australia and the Far East. He recently composed and performed the score for ‘The Last Title’, a new film by Dutch film maker Bart Holscher which was premiered at The Netherlands Film Festival in 2015, and has recently produced a new album for the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. His third solo electro-acoustic album Liminalondon- a “psychogeographical” tour of the Capital consisting of ten instrumental tracks that interweave “found-sounds” with ambient and left-field electronica, acoustic and digital beats and contemporary classical minimalism- was released in 2014 and featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction.

Dai initially began playing flute as a child in his birthplace Australia, before going on to became a choral scholar at Tewkesbury Abbey Choir school, learning piano and guitar and finally studying Music at Kings College in London. After graduation he worked as a Musical Director and keyboard player, MD-ing over twenty productions and tours of shows as diverse as ‘South Pacific’, the Rock ’n’ Roll Shakespeare parody ‘From a Jack to a King’, the Madness musical ‘Our House’ and the Ian Dury show ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’. His recording work includes sessions for Andy McKay from Roxy Music and Massive Attack/Bjork producer Nellee Hooper, and his live keyboard work includes stints with Errol Kennedy from Imagination, The Brotherhood of Man and playing Glastonbury on the Spirit of ’71 stage in 2011.

As a songwriter and producer working under the release-name “Greenwing”, Dai has also released several singles, most notably “When I Loved You Yesterday” and “Irreplaceable”- featuring Spike Milligan’s Actress/Singer daughter Jane- which received national UK airplay. He also wrote and produced “It’s So Good”- featuring One True Voice’s Daniel Pearce – and directed the video for the single, starring Hollywood actor Brian Cox and The Fast Show’s Charlie Higson.


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