Craig Gannon MFS

Craig Gannon’s reputation precedes him. He is now a prolific film and television composer, but his background is rather different. He previously made his name as a highly sought-after guitarist with influential British artists and bands that include The Smiths (he is known as ‘the fifth Smith’), Morrissey, Aztec Camera, Alison Moyet, and Terry Hall.

After many years as a guitarist, Craig made the decision to concentrate fully on his composing career. He gradually moved away from playing guitar with other musicians; something he had been working towards over the years.

From an early age he taught himself everything he could about composition, harmony, and orchestration. He later studied with private tutors and at Music College.

In recent years Craig has established himself as an exciting, and highly melodic modern composer for film and television. He has written music for every conceivable situation and medium including film, drama, documentaries, commercials, corporate, and everything in-between!

An experienced and hard working composer, Craig is extremely versatile, and equally at home writing orchestral scores and contemporary, electronic, and edgy scores. He is also an accomplished songwriter, and has scored brass and strings for some of the artists he has played with.

Recent commissions include scores for the feature films Muse, and The Krays: Dead Man Walking.

Further commissions include an official Olympic Games trailer for Sega Games, commercials for Ford cars, a spin-off series for A Question Of Sport and East Enders, and various library music commissions.

His music is widely used all over the world in productions including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Saturday Night Live, The Apprentice, and Sky Movies Commercials.

Craig lives in Manchester, and works from his studios there. He is a lifelong tennis fan.