Chris Haigh MFSChris Haigh was born in South Yorkshire England and from a very young age has had a keen interest in films and the music that accompanied them.

Chris started his journey into music at the age of 13, when he started to learn to play the drums. After playing the Drum Kit in several bands over the years including his percussion work for signed artists and percussion workshops, Chris felt it was time to merge his two main passions, Film and Music.

After finishing a BTEC in music and BA HONS in creative music technology (mastering in film music), Chris set out on a professional career in creating emotional, thought provoking music to enhance the films he works on. Over the last three years Chris has built strong working relationships with many different clients in the film making community from all around the world including New York, Hollywood, Atlanta, South Africa, Belgium, Canada, London just to name a few.

Chris has worked on several distributed film projects from short animations to Feature length films with a wide range of musical genres under his belt.  His T.V work has seen Chris work with Producers from the BBC and has had his music featured on the BBC’s Prime time news coverage show Look North.

Chris strives to compose tailor written music that not only compliments the films he works on but also enhances the directors vision.