Andy Palmer MFS

It is no secret, Andy Palmer Loves Bass!

As a result, he is in constant demand and is one of the busiest guys playing on the circuit today.

With an excellent CV behind him Andy continues to enjoy his career in the Low Tone World of Bass providing a solid and reliable service to songwriters, bands and producers alike.

Having picked up the bass guitar at the age of 12 his first performance was before an audience of 1000+ at the age of only 15, a performance Andy will never forget as a young and inexperienced player, but everyone has to start somewhere and our lovable AP was dropped right in the deep end!

Andy’s Career has taken him to London, the Music Capital of the World where he continues to perform at many venues and is constantly developing his playing skills. As a result of his efforts Andy was awarded Best Bass Player 2011 upon graduating from the Prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.
As a reliable and trustworthy player, Andy has shared the professional stage and studio with many respected artists and producers from across the globe these include Jose Maria Cano (Mecano Spain) Toni Carmona, Davide Blanco, Tony Smith, John Rhino Edwards, Jeff Rich, Hanoi Rocks, Chips Enuff & Crew, Andy Barnett (FM) Jay Stapley (Roger Waters, Westerhagen, Mike Oldfield) Chuck Sabo (Natalie Imbruglia) & Crissy Lee (Legendary Drummer) to name but a few.

With his passion and enthusiasm for his craft Andy was appointed as the Consultant for Bass for Elixir Strings. His role sees him being actively involved with many trade shows and artists over the past few years, which has enabled him to build long lasting relationships with beginners and seasoned bass professionals alike.

With a broad range of playing styles Andy can be seen playing anything from Folk to Funk, Rock to Metal, Pop to Blues and even the odd Jazz standard!

Lookout for him on a stage somewhere near you!