Andrew Potterton MFSAfter living and working in the US and various places in the UK, Andrew Potterton went on to study music in Leeds. Graduating with a degree in music production from Leeds College of Music, he began promoting music events, DJ-ing, and releasing music on his own label in his early. These early releases explored what came to be known as IDM: dance-floor orientated electronic music and voice as instrument experimentalism.

Primarily an electronic composer and sound designer, Andrew Potterton has also worked in film post-production and theatre, usually with sound. Recent compositions for directors at the West Yorkshire Playhouse have seen his music and sound design on the stages of live theatre performances.

Andrew’s work has also featured in a number of film and television projects, where his unique take on sound and composition have worked with the director’s vision for the piece.

After studying for an MA in Music Composition at Leeds College of Music,  Andrew is exploring acoustic and electronic sources of sound and the edges of art installation and performance.

Recent work includes a commission from Leeds and York councils for Light Night and Illuminating York with his sound sculpture City Chimes, giant wind chimes playable by the general public. This piece explores space, sound and the city environment. A version of this piece evolves to this day. In his spare time (when not surfing) he can be found in his studio writing music and designing sounds for various projects.

Andrew has a passion for extreme sports in general, and surfing in particular.