Andrew Holdsworth MFSAndrew Holdsworth is a London-based producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist and graduate of the UoS Tonmeister course. He has worked with a diverse array of artists including The Cure, Primal Scream, The English National Ballet, Napalm Death and Goldie and has produced adverts for several international brands.

His recording career began at Jacobs Studios in rural Surrey where his job description included making the tea, mowing the lawn, teaching French to the owner’s daughter, and cleaning the pool – which got a bit tricky when an inebriated drummer drove a lawnmower into it.

His early studio experience,  working almost exclusively with analogue tape and mixing consoles, has had a lasting influence on the way he uses the digital technology. Andrew learnt a huge amount from engineers and producers coming through Jacobs such as Ken Thomas, Ed Buller, Paul Corkett and Steve Brown, and songwriters such as Joe Jackson and Patrick Duff. Other artists he encountered during The Jacobs Years include The Cure, Robert Plant, Primal Scream and Goldie.

Since those early days, Andrew has successfully carved a niche for himself in many different areas of the music business, as a composer, musician and arranger.
He owns a top-class recording facility in South London and writes and records Music For Sport tracks with Bill Shanley and Geoff Lawson.