Music For Sport is a leading online sports music specialist, supplying sports music to film makers, broadcasters, website and corporate video makers, YouTube & Vimeo creators, sports fans, and music fans worldwide. Find your ideal sports music here by typing in a keyword, a sport, or a description in the box below. Or just click Search MUSIC FOR SPORT.


For example: Intense, Sailing, or Zany.

Here’s a track by Michael Koch from our latest album, SPORTS GUITARS 4

Music For Sport delivers sports music in a wide range of genres, styles and moods, to accompany sports action in any medium you are working in.

Specification: We offer high quality sports music that is available for immediate download. Our tracks come in wav, aiff and MP3 formats and typically consist of a main version, a 60″, a 30″, a 15″, a Sting, and an Underscore. In some cases we also supply alternate mixes. All this makes the sound editors job a lot easier.

Music For Sport regularly produces new releases of sports music albums.

We also produce custom music to order.

Music for Sport Video Showreel

To get an idea of what we do, and the range of our music, please take time to watch our Showreel which is hosted on YouTube. It has had over 31,000 views.

It’s always interesting to see how people use our music. Here’s a cool Kite Surfing video that uses  Terminator by David Pine.


Here are our current favourites from our sports music library playlists:

You can listen to more of our sports music playlists here.

Sports Music the MUSIC FOR SPORT way!

Sports Music Catamaran - Music For Sport

If you’re a sportsman or sportswoman, a sports fan or a sports media professional, and you are looking for high quality sports music, then we should be your first point of call.


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