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Featured track is SLIPSTREAM by Stuart Elliott.

MUSIC FOR SPORT – Latest Releases – May 2016


MFS 51 Sports Guitars 6 Sports music

Fast and Furious!: Number 6 in our popular series of sports guitar albums. Ten high energy sports tracks in a variety of rock styles including Hard Rock, Rocktronica, Punk, Nu-Rock, Funk, Blues, and Country: perfect for intense sports action and drama.

Here’s the first track – STORM CHASER – by Michael Koch


Sports Albums - Ambient sport - Sports Music

An album of cool ambient pop, dreamy soundscapes, edgy beats, and organic sonics by composer Andrew Potterton. The ideal music for ambient sports and ultra-contemporary lifestyle programming.

Here is a taster. Hidden Jewel.


Sports Albums - Epic Sport - Sports Music

Sixty epic orchestral and choral sports music cuts by composer Simon Webb, providing the perfect accompaniment to large-scale sporting events, sports broadcasts, video games and cinema trailers: High drama, action, speed, dynamics, and epic sound!

Here’s a taster: Entrance Of The Giants.

COMING SOON…..DEFCON 1– Rick Driscoll’s new scorching guitar album. (In production). Out this summer.


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