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MUSIC FOR SPORT delivers sports music downloads to non-professional users through CD Baby.



High-quality Dance tracks from the Music For Sport team: EDM, House, Electro, Techno, Ambient, and Hard-Core.


A collection of beautiful, evocative, grand, and exciting sailing and water sports compositions by the Music For Sport team, which takes the listener from heroic orchestral grandeur to delicate acoustic guitar.


An album of beautiful, relaxing and reflective contemporary piano music: the perfect chill-out.




Sports Music the MUSIC FOR SPORT way!

Sports Music Catamaran - Music For Sport

If you’re an editor, a director, a producer, a sound dubber; a sportsman or sportswoman, a sports fan or a sports media professional, and you are looking for high quality sports music, then we should be your first point of call. We are dedicated to providing you with just the right piece of music for your radio advert, your web video, or your television signature tune.

MUSIC FOR SPORT is a leading online sports music specialist, supplying music to film makers, broadcasters, website and corporate video makers, sports fans, and music fans worldwide.

The MUSIC FOR SPORT library specializes in high-quality sports music. Since launching in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, MUSIC FOR SPORT has become one of the leading providers of production music for the world’s broadcast and webcast media.

MUSIC FOR SPORT‘s wide-ranging library of modern contemporary instrumental music, crafted by a dynamic and highly experienced team of composers, producers, engineers and musicians, is precision-made for today’s media requirements.

Recent broadcasting credits include BBC, CNBC, Sky Sports, ITV, Channel 4, Premier Christian Radio, Discovery Channel, Capital Radio, CSI, NCIS, The Tonight Show, Parking Wars, American Restoration, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Inside Racing, Parking Wars, Pawn Stars, Swampd!,  Hell On Hooves, Celebrity Home Raiders, Cajun Pawn Stars, Jumelles, Carfellas, Counting Cars, The Outdoor Channel, and The National Geographic Channel.

MUSIC FOR SPORT also produces custom music. With our network of composers and producers we can give you a range of options and a result you’re going to love.

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