MUSIC FOR SPORT is a production music library, specializing in sports music. It supplies high quality music to broadcasters, advertising agencies, radio stations, and video makers worldwide. It launched in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, and has since established itself as one of the leading providers of sports production music. It has high quality sub-publishers, and a large team of talented composers.


MUSIC FOR SPORT believes that great sport demands great music, and it constantly aims to deliver this. The team motto is Giving it all we’ve got!

MUSIC FOR SPORT has produced fifty one albums to date, covering all major and extreme sports. A highly experienced international team of composers, producers, engineers and musicians is responsible for crafting the MUSIC FOR SPORT library, which is precision-made for today’s sports media requirements. It has strong composition, high production values, professional mastering, multiple versions, and alternate mixes.


MUSIC FOR SPORT is used in all areas of the media, both sports-orientated, and non sports-orientated. Broadcasting credits include BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, Channel 4, Capital Radio, The Outdoor Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, and The National Geographic Channel.

Successful shows that use MUSIC FOR SPORT include CSI, NCIS, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, American Restoration, Inside Racing, Parking Wars, Pawn Stars, Swampd!, Overhaulin’, Insane Coaster Wars, The Voice, Come Dine With Me, Hell On Hooves, Mega Factories, Bid And Destroy, Celebrity Home Raiders, Jumelles, Carfellas, and Counting Cars.

Currently our composers and producers are working on music for the NBA, NFL,  Premier League Soccer, Euro 2016 Football Championships, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Wimbledon Tennis Championships and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

How to use Music For Sport

All our music is copyright protected and man be licensed for use in media productions, AV presentations, advertising and websites through us or, if you are outside the UK, through one of our overseas agents.

UK users can obtain an instant quote here for all kinds of media use. The cost depends on how much music you use and what you are using it for. You can apply for a license online in a simple process. Alternatively drop us an email and we’ll facilitate the whole process for you.

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