UPDATE: A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We reached our target in 5 days! So we have raised the target to £2000.

We are also very pleased to announce that Anthea Beeks has agreed to work with us on this appeal. Anthea has just retired from running The Silver Line, Esther Rantzen’s charity for the elderly. She will provide guidance, and make sure the right people receive the benefit of the money we raise. To share, just click the Share button.

This is a coronavirus appeal. It is to raise money for health service workers and their families. By donating, or by purchasing the song or the album, you will be helping to raise money for the brave people who are fighting the deadly coronavirus.

So what is the story behind this? 

My neighbour is a midwife, and when we first met, she was working in the local hospital. She is married with two young daughters. A couple of years ago she took a job teaching midwifery at the local university. And then recently the university closed on government orders. For a few days I heard the family having fun playing together in the next garden, and I thought that there were some benefits to the virus and being forced to stay at home. And then my neighbour decided to go back to nursing at the local hospital, to help the victims of the coronavirus. Her husband explained this to me. He said that she expected to get the virus, and that he expected that the whole family would probably get it. But that his wife felt it was her duty.


The similarities with the young men going to war in the trenches in 1914 immediately struck me. This is an act of supreme bravery. I resolved to do something myself. And this is it. With this coronavirus appeal, Music For Sport is going to raise as much money as it can for the people like my neighbour and their families. Please help by sharing the video, donating to the appeal, or purchasing the song HERE.


If you would like to make a donation, please go to our Just Giving page HERE.

Just Giving

You can play the song in this player. To purchase IN ANOTHER WORLD – CORONAVIRUS APPEAL VERSION click the basket icon.

IN ANOTHER WORLD – CORONAVIRUS APPEAL VERSION is from the album EVERYBODY POWWOW, by THE POWWOW ROCK ORCHESTRA. You can purchase the album HERE. All album purchases will also contribute to the appeal.


To licence IN ANOTHER WORLD – CORONAVIRUS APPEAL VERSION please get in touch with us via the Contact Form. Please note that this track is not library music. You will need to reach out to us if you want to synch it to your programming.

IN ANOTHER WORLD – CORONAVIRUS APPEAL VERSION is performed by the following musicians (The Powwow Rock Orchestra):

Emma Pears – Singer, Robert Hart – Singer, Simon Webb – Singer / Keyboards, Bernie Marsden – Electric Guitar, Jay Stapley – Acoustic Guitar, Jimmy Copley – Drums, Simon Edwards – Bass, Al Stewart – Bass Clarinet.

IN ANOTHER WORLD – CORONAVIRUS APPEAL VERSION is written by Simon Webb, produced by Ian Tompson, mastered by Andy Jackson, and published by Music For Sport Ltd.

VIDEO CREDITS: Jo Dunne – Cameraman, Simon Webb – Editor. Stock footage by NASA, Shutterstock and Pixabay. Artwork – Sam Kerridge. Thanks to Max Howard, Vijay Amarnani, Thea Webb, Robert Hart, Anthea Beeks, Ian Tompson, Chris Sheen, & the Webb Family.

All elements copyright Music For Sport Ltd. 2020.