Music For Sport produces a range of sports playlists designed to help our users zero in on the perfect track for their project. Below you will find our most popular sports playlists: Cricket 2016, Premier League 2016, Brazil 2016,  American Football 2016, and Boxing 2016.

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 CRICKET 2016/17

MFS Cricket playlist - SPORTS MUSIC PLAYLISTS - Sports Playlists

A complete cricket playlist. Check it out if cricket is your game. Here’s the first track on the playlist: Ascending Success by Martin Haene.

Premier League Soccer 2016/17

Prem League playlist - SPORTS MUSIC PLAYLISTS - Sports Playlists

A fantastic collection of soccer tracks tailored for the Premier League. Here’s Football Forever by MJMS.

 American Football 2017

MFS American Football - SPORTS MUSIC PLAYLISTS - Sports Playlists

The power and the glory..

Boxing 2017

Sports Playlists

10 tough tracks in this Boxing playlists…

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How to use Music For Sport’s sports playlists

Listen to all our music on our website without registering. To download music you will need to register. All our music is copyright protected and can be licensed for use in media productions, AV presentations, advertising and websites through us or, if you are outside the UK, through any of our overseas agents. UK users can obtain an instant quote here for all kinds of media use. The cost depends on how much music you use and what you are using it for. You can apply for a license online in a simple process. Drop us an email and we’ll facilitate the whole process for you. If you are outside the UK, email us and we will put you in touch with one of our agents in your location. Please note different broadcast rates apply in different territories.

Who uses Music For Sport?

Since launching in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, Music For Sport has become one of the world’s leading providers of sports production music. Recent broadcasting credits include BBC, CNBC, Sky Sports, ITV, Channel 4, Premier Christian Radio, Discovery Channel, Capital Radio, CSI, NCIS, The Tonight Show, Parking Wars, American Restoration, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Inside Racing, Parking Wars, Pawn Stars, Swampd!, Hell On Hooves, Celebrity Home Raiders, Cajun Pawn Stars, Jumelles, Carfellas, Counting Cars, The Outdoor Channel, and The National Geographic Channel. Currently our composers and producers are working on music for the NBA, NFL, and the 2016 Olympic Games.


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